Sheet Metal Processing

Laser cutting

why laser cutting?

 Laser processing allows for flexibility in design with complex geometry. The narrow laser allows for thin, clean cuts and can be used for a variety of products in diverse industries.

How Laser

cutting works

Laser cutting is a metal fabrication process that uses a thin, computer-controlled laser to cut through metal—such as stainless steel, aluminum, and more. The material melts, burns, vaporizes, or is blown away by a jet of gas, leaving an edge with a high-quality surface finish. 

Laser cutting is an efficient sheet metal processing technique. The method results in smooth metal parts that are just right for your product. 

We do not offer structural or pipe laser cutting at this time.


turret punching

why turret punching?

Turret punching is a cost-effective way to produce quality metal parts for your product. A turret punch is less flexible than a laser but can often be a better fit for mass production.

How turret

punching works

Turret punching is a type of sheet metal processing that is controlled by a computer. CNC turret punching machines use a punch press to force a tool (called a punch) through a die to cut holes and shapes in precise locations.

 Turret punching can be used for many types of metal, from steel fabrication to aluminum manufacturing.


our sheet metal processing equipment

6 lasers
3 combi machines
1 turret



With decades of metal fabrication experience, we know how to solve problems before they happen. Our technical team redraws every design to ensure exceptional results.

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