Quality Assurance

Our Goal

Client satisfaction through:

Coordinated Scheduling

Advanced Technology

Continuous Improvement

Our Quality Assurance Process

Pre Production

Prior to production, all drawings go through the Technical office for review. Once approved, the Quality department can create programs for the 2D scan inspection (parts in the flat) and 3D scan inspection. Inspection documentation is created for production use.

In Production

During production, we use inspection documentation to record the first, middle, and last inspection by quality. We’ll perform and record additional inspections (spot checks) at designated frequencies. Inspections may use 3D scanning, hard gauging, or hand measuring.

Before Delivery

All initial parts go through a First Article process with full dimensional reporting. These are kept on file and can be forwarded to clients on request.

Quality Reports

Reports such as First Articles, PPAP, 2D and 3D scan, CMM, and hand measurements are all kept on file.


ISO 9001:2015

Quality Inspection Equipment

2x Faro Quantum 3D Inspection w/Laser Scan and 8-axis
Hexagon Metrology CMM
2x Virtek 2D flat laser inspection
Surface Profilometer
Powder Coating Inspection (pH, TDS, Mil, crosshatch)
All applicable hand measuring equipment (calipers, mics, height gauges, gauge pins, etc)